Monster Hunter Stories Shines With Enhanced Graphics and New Features

Monster Hunter Stories Preview 

Now being released with new and shiny enhancements, the original Monster Hunter Stories first appeared on the Nintendo 3DS. The new version for the Switch, Steam and PS4 is coming in hot with refined graphics along with content only previously released in Japan. The game is a classic turn-based action adventure. Here’s a first impression of what Monster Hunter Stories has got in store.

As a first time player of the Monster Hunter Stories game, I was not sure what to expect. I have tried my hand at the Monster Hunter franchise. The game is a spin off, set in the Monster Hunter universe, but it’s sort of Pokemon-like title. Though I had never tried anything in the vein of Monster Hunter Stories, so when the game came out all the way back in 2016 on the 3DS, it flew under my radar. I finally got the chance to give Monster Hunter Stories a try and simply put, I am having way too much fun.

Not Just a Remaster

Monster Hunter Stories is coming to the Nintendo Switch in June, 2024. In this adventure, you no longer slay Monsters, you find and befriend them. You can hatch monster eggs you find out in nests in the wilds, raise and bond with them in the quest to become a legendary Rider.

From the jump, the game looks more saturated with color and there obvious other improvements to the visuals. Crisper colors and gorgeous brighter views are in store. Japanese and English voices have been added to the game, making it fully voiced. Japan updates that were not localized as well as new exclusive monsters from those updates will now be available. Capcom promises that all the updates previously unavailable outside Japan now come fully kitted, as well as a new museum feature. So for those that missed out on these for sake of regional limitations, now’s the chance to dive back in and relive the experience and more.

Let’s See the World

Monster Hunter Stories has been a marvel to explore. I haven’t seen every single bit yet but I’m excited to continue the adventure. The characters and the story as well the lure of an ominous mystery beckons along with new quests to complete and friends to make. New players to the series will have no problems getting settled in. Mechanics and instructions are far simpler to grasp than Monster Hunter Stories’ parent counterpart. The unique pokemon-like aspect of the rock paper scissors turn-based combat is well implemented.

Each “Monstie” (the game’s name for Monsters) has special abilities that you can switch out depending on the opponent’s weakness. It’s been a joy to run back and forth, upgrading armor and weapons for a better chance as the monsters get tougher. The fight never gets old and keeps you on the edge of your seat as you carve your way to victory, one skill selection at a time.

Bestie Monsters, Monsties

Monster Hunter Stories focuses on seeing the world and collecting new Monsties for your party. They come in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes. You can take them into battle other Monsties, as something mysterious is afoot. Along for a wild journey is your adorable feyline navigator friend, Navirou. Your trusty buddy is back for another whirlwind adventure. Forge unbreakable bonds and kinship, as you collect and hatch unique monsters as you gain skill and earn your title of Monster Rider.

All of them are set to show out with shinier, more refined graphics, and all at optimum performance. I’ve run into no framerate issues so far and the glossy cutscenes are a treat. Sure there’s a Rider’s code to adhere to when you start. But who needs limitations when adventure awaits.

Monster Hunter Stories battle combat

There’s all sorts of cool species to encounter to clear your Monster guidebook bingo. Each with cool unique abilities and specializations. There’s intricate outfits and armor and sleek gear. Some of them from special updates, all ready for you to collect and build the perfect party for your vagabond adventures. All in all, Monster Hunter Stories looks to be a solid remaster. The adventure sets out on June 14.

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