Konami Focused on High-End Console Games

Konami is Brainstorming High-End Gaming Ideas for Consoles

During an interview with GamesIndustry, Konami Europe President Masami Saso explained the company’s future is focused on high-end games for console. Recently, the company saw a profit in game sales and they plan to continue that trend with more of the exciting console experiences with the high-end experiences complimenting the classic collections they have planned. Konami uses their skills and technology from their arcade, PC and console games to create high-quality mobile games.


Despite the announcement of next-generation consoles looming, Konami remains focused on creating high-end gaming experiences for the current generation of consoles. Their innovative ideas and technology implemented in console games are apparently easily transitioned to other markets such as mobile and browser games. Masami Saso briefly teases that the company is currently working on new IP’s as the developer intends to broaden their profile. “It is part of our legacy to created new ideas and IP’s to fit each age and we believe that spirit is one of the reasons for our strength in the mobile market,” said Masami Saso, “we can provide high-quality mobile games because of our technology to create high-end console games, as well as having knowledge to operate games because of our experience in arcade, PC and browser games.”

It’s interesting to see Konami looking to expand their portfolio as their current catalog of franchises is pretty impressive. Among their best series’ are Metal Gear Solid, Bomberman and Castlevania. Many fans are clambering for a new Silent Hill game on Xbox One and PS4 but we’d like to see an open world Bomberman like the N64 titles and more of the Gothic epic, Castlevania.

What are some Konami franchises you’d like to see revisited as a high-end console gaming experience? Are you a fan of Konami browser, arcade or casino games? Are there any Konami games on other consoles that you’d like to see on the Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech