Konami President Talks Current Successes and What the Future Holds

Konami Planning to Work on “Globally Known IPs” in the Future

Despite not having an overwhelming presence in the industry for this latest generation of consoles Konami has seen great economic success. In fact, this last year has marked the fifth straight year they’ve seen financial growth. So how exactly do they do it? Konami Europe President, Masami Saso, recently sat down for an interview to discuss their successes and plans for the future.

konami europe president Masami Saso

Without a doubt, both their mobile titles and PES have been the biggest factors to their financial success, however the company suggests it’s more than that. Masami Saso says that a big factor is making their games available to as many people as possible.“The devices to play games has diversified, and the number of people who have the chance to play games has increased.” He continued, “We have been working to have our IPs on multiple devices, such as the PES series for console and mobile, and the Yu-Gi-Oh series on physical cards and mobile games, to reach many users as possible.”

Despite the fantastic numbers they’ve seen on mobile Konami isn’t reliant on both the PC and console space however Saso states that they have no plans to turn their back on these. In fact, they’re even planning on working a brand new IP. “Even with new platforms coming out, we believe high-end console games are the most important. We challenge for innovative ideas and technology within our console games and apply them to other devices, so we will continue to put effort into our console games. We also plan to increase our portfolio. In addition to the multi-device titles for PES and Yu-Gi-Oh, we plan to work on projects with other globally known IPs in the near future.” Additionally, Masami Saso assures fans that they’re going to be at the forefront of the games industry as technology evolves. “We will continue to research and develop new opportunities in order to provide games to match the needs quickly.”

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