Square Enix’s Luminous Productions Studio Is Currently Working on a Mysterious New AAA Title

Luminous Productions Is Creating New Global Triple A Game

Back in March 2018 a brand new game studio, called Luminous Productions, was established within the Square Enix Group. At the end of last year Takeshi Aramaki became the new studio head and now him and President of Square Enix Yosuke Matsuda have a lot to say about the studio’s future. The best part? They’re working on a brand new triple A title.

luminous productions square enix

In a set of brand new interviews that were posted to their official website Takeshi Aramaki answered some pressing questions including what’s been happening over the past year. Here’s what he had to say, “2018 was a pretty hectic year for me. I was working on the DLC for FINAL FANTASY XV, and at the same time, we took the whole year to make solid preparations to kick off the new IP game title to be developed at Luminous Productions. And we’ve started creating that new title since the start of 2019.” When Matsuda was asked if this title is relevant to the Final Fantasy series he confirmed that it isn’t. “No, they’re actually working on completely new IP. Creating new IP with the latest technology” – that’s the primary mission of Luminous Productions.”

When asked if their current largest development is the new AAA-scale IP they’re working on, Takeshi Aramaki had this to say, “Yes. The team with the largest number of staff assigned is the development of the next-generation AAA-scale game title for a brand new IP. As we all know, Square Enix has a number of popular titles under their belt like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest; Luminous Productions’ mission is to develop a new title that’s on the same playing field as those titles. Our objective is to deliver our audience a completely new IP that is marketable worldwide.”

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