Battlefield V Firestorm Losing Duos, Gaining More Loot

Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone

The Battlefield V Firestorm mode is going through some changes. Duos are going away for the moment, while new loot and new locations are on the way. I guess people weren’t actually all that into the Duos system? If nothing else, the stats don’t lie.

battlefield v

All of this is happening on May 21st. The Battlefield V Firestorm mode is getting three new locations, as well as a whole new tier of sweet loot in the form of badass weapons. These ‘Gold Tier Weapons’ will be showing up in supply drops, safes, and lockers all over the map.

It’s unclear whether Duos will be coming back at any point in the future. Perhaps if fan response to their removal is strong enough, DICE will re-implement the feature? Again, it seems like player interest wasn’t anywhere near what the developers were hoping for. Looks like it’s all squads from here on out. You can check out our review of Battlefield V here, as well as our other coverage here. Maybe if we beg for it super hard, the devs will bring back Duos? Only one way to find out.