EA Hires Former Sony Executive as Group Manager

Former PlayStation Executive Takes on Key Role at EA

After departing Sony in 2023 under mysterious circumstances, longtime PlayStation executive Connie Booth has resurfaced at Electronic Arts (EA) in a significant role as Group Manager, Action RPG. In her new capacity, Booth will oversee the operations of EA Motive, Cliffhanger, and BioWare, three studios pivotal in the development of highly anticipated titles such as “Man,” “Black Panther,” and the upcoming installments of the “Dragon Age” and “Mass Effect” franchises.

Laura Miele, CEO of EA, expressed confidence in Booth’s capabilities, citing her track record of fostering a developer-centric environment and nurturing creative vision while driving innovation. With over three decades of experience at Sony, Booth played a pivotal role in shaping PlayStation’s internal studios and contributing to the success of blockbuster titles including “Spider-Man 1 and 2,” “The Last of Us,” “Ghost of Tsushima,” “Uncharted,” and “Ratchet & Clank.”

Miele emphasized Booth’s esteemed reputation within the development community and anticipates her positive influence on EA’s game development endeavors.

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Booth’s arrival at EA coincides with a period of organizational restructuring, as the company recently announced a workforce reduction of 5%, affecting approximately 670 positions. The circumstances surrounding Booth’s departure from Sony in 2023 were shrouded in speculation until game industry veteran David Scott Jaffe shed light on the situation. Jaffe reported that Booth was terminated from her position at EA, attributing her exit to purported discontent among PlayStation developers regarding a shift towards games-as-a-service titles, a directive allegedly instigated by outgoing PlayStation boss Jim Ryan.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding her departure from Sony, Booth’s appointment at EA signifies a strategic move by the gaming giant to leverage her wealth of experience and leadership qualities in navigating the evolving landscape of action RPG development. While her departure from Sony in 2023 and subsequent integration into the EA team was a blindside for the company that introduced the world to PlayStation,