Tamarak Trail Gets Artsy In New Developer Diary

The Art of the Trail 

Most times, a great adventure game often comes with some great art. The art, style, and inspirations are what make these games so unique and distinct in the genre. Of course, any opportunity to learn more about the art behind a game is a great opportunity. Today, Yarrow Games and Versus Evil are excited to share more about their upcoming game, Tamarak Trail, in a new developer diary. The Dairy is a dive into the artists and art that inspired the world of the game. A press release provides more details about the game itself. Additionally, the developer diary gives players a look at some of the art that helped inspire the game. 

Tamarak Trail

Tamarak Trail places players in the shoes of a member of the Sturgeon Lodge. Importantly, this Lodge is a secret society tasked with the mysteries that surround a decaying and dying Earth. Of course, as a member, players will be looking to solve these mysteries. As such, they will face a myriad of monsters, puzzles, and other challenges. Luckily, the three distinct classes each bring their own twists to the game to handle these challenges. These classes are The Magician, The Tracker, or The Detective. Interestingly, each of these classes comes with its own distinct abilities, playstyle, and narrative choices and obviously tricks to use in the dice-based combat. 

Importantly, players can check out the new developer diary for a look at the art that inspired the game. View the trailer below. 

Tamarak Trail is releasing later in 2023 on PC. Currently, the game is available to wish list on Steam. Additionally, a demo is available for download for free.