Sprout Valley Gets Farming Today on PC and Switch

Look What’s Sprouting

Everyone wants to escape from the hustle and bustle sometimes. It’s always nice to just get away from it all. It is especially nice when that escape is in a fantasy world. Today, RedDeerGames is happy to announce the release of their farming sim game, Sprout Valley. Introducing players to the world of Ostera, players will be able to carve out their own little farm and embark on adventures. A press release discusses more of the details of the game. Additionally, the release date trailer gives players a look at the farming that awaits.

Sprout Valley

Sprout Valley places players in the paws of Nico the Cat. Escaping the constant bustle of the big city, Nico has ended up on one of the islands of Ostera where he will start a farm. As Nico players will design the environment, collect resources, plant and care for plants, and more. Of course, all of this is just the beginning. In addition to the regular farming activities, Nico has the opportunity to explore the surrounding islands, make new friends, and even more activities out in the world. With over fifteen hours in the main storyline and various other activities to complete, Sprout Valley aims to provide limitless amusement. 

Of course, players can get a look at the game in the previously released trailer. Check out the trailer below. 

Sprout Valley is available now on Steam and Nintendo Switch. So, are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get farming? What are you waiting for?