Tamarak Trail Gets Dicey With New Mechanics Deep Dive

Dice and Puzzles 

It’s time to learn more about a world of monsters, puzzles, dice, and adventure. The world is dying and the fate of many is at stake. Will you step up and become the hero the Sturgeon Lodge needs? Today, Yarrow Games and Versus Evil are taking a deeper look into the mechanics of their narrative-driven roguelike game, Tamarak Trail. Releasing later in 2023, the game uniquely features dice-rolling mechanics as its core gameplay feature. A blog post dives more into how the game works. Additionally, a developer walkthrough video gives players a deeper understanding of the game. 

Tamarak Trail

Tamarak Trail places players in the ranks of the Sturgeon Lodge. The Lodge is a secret society focussing on discovering the answer to a mystery surrounding a decaying and dying earth. Of course, players will have the choice between three playable classes: The Magician, The Tracker, or The Detective. Importantly, each character comes with its own distinctive abilities, playstyles, and narrative choices. Uniquely the game focuses on upgrading and customizing your character’s dice to make them exceptionally powerful. 

The blog post discusses how players can use the dice in gameplay. From leaving their rolls to chance, or using the auto-roller, players will have different ways to decide the outcomes of battles. Of course, players can also check out the developer video for a distinctive look at the game, as well as, the mechanics that make the game tick. View the video below. 

Tamarak Trail is releasing later in 2023 on PC. Currently, the game is available to wish list on Steam.