Google Stadia Offers Superior Multiplayer

Google Stadia Will Benefit From The Data Center Structure

Speaking with the Kinda Funny podcast, Director of Games at Google Stadia, Jack Buser, explained the data center structure of the platform and how it will benefit gaming. Buser brands the Stadia as the worlds biggest LAN party after admitting it wasn’t easy to discover the best way to synchronize a hundred consoles with varying ping from all over the world to the same game. Google Stadia Limited Founder’s Editions are selling out in some regions but they’re being replaced by the Premiere Edition, both pre-order editions release in November.

Google Stadia

According to Jack Buser the cloud instances talking to each other with robust, high bandwidth pipes will give gamers on Stadia a super multiplayer experience compared to other consoles on the market. In the average Battle Royale game, 100 PC’s or consoles are synchronizing and networking with each other. Apparently with the Google Stadia, the cloud instancing will benefit the platforms ability to sync 100 people seamlessly into a game. Jack Buser admits this is a difficult task to accomplish, which is why Battle Royale games are a new concept, but ultimately says the Stadia will be the definitive platform to experience these multiplayer matches on. With Stadia “you can imagine multiplayer worlds with like, forget hundreds, thousands of people running around a playfield together all at the same time, all being rendered up on the screen.”

Apparently the cloud streaming will make Stadia better than what you can get from existing consoles on the market as Jack Buser explains “ultra high bandwidth and super, super stable connections between every person playing. ‘Is multiplayer going to be good on Stadia?’ Oh yeah, way better than what you could get out of a console.” Thankfully games like World of Warcraft have shown us that it isn’t outlandish to have thousands of people represented on your screen by connecting through the network with other PC’s from around the world. Despite the fact that games like Elder Scrolls Online exist on Xbox One and PS4, the bold statements from Jack Buser suggest that Stadia will offer even broader experiences.

Do you expect Google Stadia multiplayer to work as seamlessly as the Director of Games suggests or do you think he’s doing preemptive damage control? What game are you anxious to try on the Stadia? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech