The Surge 2 Features Way More Story and Some Major Improvements From the Original

Deck13 Has the Lowdown on The Surge 2 in the Lead up to Its Release

The Surge 2 is mere hours away and many fans are hopeful that the sequel will be even better than the original. Although the first installment was a solid base to the new franchise one of the biggest critiques was that it was a relatively short game without much side content. It seems Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive are focused on improving on this and a couple other aspects of the game.

the surge 2

In a new Reddit AMA Deck13 were asked a variety of questions about their upcoming title and the biggest takeaway was that they have been listening to the fans. When asked about what to expect from the story and side content the developer stated that they have expanded the amount of side quests 4 times over. “There‚Äôs a lot more story in The Surge 2 compared to the first game. We have quadrupled the amount of sidequest; there are dozens of NPCs in the world, and almost everyone has his/her own little story to tell. The player character himself will be an avatar for the player, so the style of storytelling has changed a bit towards the more RPG-like.”

Another fan asked what the team thought was the biggest complaint about the first game from the community and how they would want to improve this. Once again, the resounding answer that there are going to be a lot of welcomed changes within The Surge 2. “We tried to improve on several aspects. For example, some players were confused about the level design, so we increased the level layouts in order to give the players more guidance and hints on where they currently are, and there’s more signposting now. Some other complaint was that playing only in a factory compound was not enough, so this time there’s a city to explore.” They continued, “Also, some players felt that the game was too linear, so this time it’s all about choice. Create your own character, accept side missions as you please, and choose the order in which you want to do things. Also, there are now more ways to defeat a boss, using the skills you like most depending on your individual playstyle.”

The Surge 2 Symphony of Violence Trailer

Are you hopeful that The Surge 2 is bigger and better than its predecessor? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!