Hood: Outlaws and Legends Season One Coming In September

Focus Home Interactive Have Confirmed Hood: Outlaws and Legends Season One Will Release Early September

Hood: Outlaws and Legends is an action-adventure game that released earlier this year wherein players, in a co-op experience, must take up arms and fight against enemies to win influence and more. Hood: Outlaws and Legends offers players a wide variety of perks, abilities, game modes and more to enjoy. Focus Home Interactive and Sumo Digital have announced that Season 1: Samhain will launch on 2nd September. The upcoming season will bring with it a ton of fresh content.

Eidaa, the game’s first new Outlaw, will be brought into the fight upon the season’s launch. Eidaa is an amazing close quarters fighter with unique abilities, move-sets and customizable perks that make her a genuine threat on the battlefield. The winch system has also been reworked and the importance and intensity of the final fight phase is increased. The change makes the fight fairer along the way as teams must winch for the treasure chest.

In Season 1, players will have a host of new customization options through its Battle Pass. The Battle Pass is a separate progression system that allows players to unlock exclusive, special gear for all Outlaws, including Eidaa. The Battle Pass is available to all players, and there will be free unlocks along the way.

Recently, the developers unveiled the State Heist PVE Mode, and in the upcoming seasons, fans will be able to experience it on new, fun maps. In State Heist mode, teams must test their skill against a more aggressive State, as there are respawn and death mechanics that increase the mode’s difficulty.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends is currently available on PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Xbox users can experience the game for free from 19-23rd August, and purchase it for 40% off for a limited time. The game’s Year One Edition is also available for purchase and includes three battle passes that are set for release post-launch.

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SOURCE: Press Release