John Justice Talks Mods and Cross-Progression on Google Stadia

Google May Support Mods in Stadia Games

During a recent interview with Head of Product at Google Stadia John Justice confirmed that Google is working with Stadia developers to support mods on the platform. While many developers are making titles that naturally involve modding where they can be easily implemented into the gameplay, Google Stadia is looking at innovative ways to bring modding to games that might not otherwise have them. The Cloud streaming platform Google Stadia will be releasing in November but it isn’t currently known which games will feature mods day one.

Google Stadia

“We’re working with developers now to how do we go do it, it will be different than depending on the game, but we’re working out how to support mods.” Said John Justice, “part of it is you have to run with a certain kind of sandbox and we have to make sure there’s a good way of fitting in there and making sure that good safety and review of those things.” Apparently John Justice is implying that Google is gauging their market research and overall reception when considering mod support for Stadia games while also meeting the parameters of each individual title.

Google Stadia want to be able to support cross-progression for single player games like Skyrim or multiplayer games like Fortnite where gamers can take their experience seamlessly from one device to the next. Not only is Google looking to support it on their platform but are encouraging other platforms to do the same, bringing all gamers together with convenience. “Not every platform is wholly on board with this and some of them are on board with it for some titles and not for others. So we are pushing it forward for Stadia. We’re working with developers and we’re trying to move the rest of the game platforms there.” We’re hoping cross-progression is something Stadia offers out of the box with at least a handful of titles as there’s nothing more satisfying than moving a save from one console onto another and back again.

What are some of your favorite games with mod support and which mods are your favorite? Have you utilized cross-progression in games that currently support it such as Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below which feature you’re more excited for!

Source: wccftech