MultiVersus Modders Lose Momentum after DMCA Strikes

If You Want to Mod MultiVersus, Keep Things Low-Key For Now

MultiVersus’ unprecedented rise to fame has a natural next step. With any PC release this big, you’re going to get people looking to modify the game in some way. Not to cheat, but to try some extra fun stuff. Be it mechanically interesting or just plain funny, a modding scene for any game will breathe new life into an old experience.

I’d say the community is getting pretty popular,” said one modder in an interview with VG247. “The Discord server for MultiVersus modding is already over 1000 members and growing and the server has only been around for a couple of weeks now. Plus, it helps that some of the larger names from the Guilty Gear Strive scene like UltiMa647 and Aeryn are over there now as well. Community is rather friendly, albeit there’s a lot of meme-y stuff coming up”.

MultiVersus Preview

And then something rather unfortunate happened. MultiVersus’ director, Tony Huynh, has said that anyone who streams the game using a modded client may face a DMCA content takedown strike. This, understandably, has people worried.

There are certainly advantages to keeping a game mod-free. Especially in the case of multiplayer-centric games like MultiVersus. Allowing modded clients can open the door to less-than-stellar behavior from players, and from a business perspective, shutting that down may be for the best.

The players certainly don’t feel the same way. From the same interview mentioned above: “It doesn’t surprise me, but I’m still pretty upset that WB is doing this. I’ll still make mods, but I’m for sure not working on any videos of them.

What’s your perspective here? Is it worthwhile for MultiVersus’ developers to establish a working relationship with modders? Make your voice heard in the comments down below!