MultiVersus Devs Are Nerfing Bugs Bunny

MultiVersus’ Next Update Will Nerf Bugs Bunny

MultiVersus fans might not be too happy with Player First Games’ latest announcement. Devs confirmed to the gaming public that they are going to nerf Bugs Bunny in an upcoming update.

Nerfs, inc. after EVO,” Huynh confirmed on social media. “But Bugs Bunny will always be fun.” This announcement confirms that they are dialling back Bugs Bunny’s abilities after EVO 2022. This event is going to take place from August 5th to the 7th.

multiversus devs nerfing bugs bunny

MultiVersus fans took to social media to share their displeasure about the nerfing. Others seem more confused than displeased. “It seems like you guys just want to nerf a character immediately when people complain about them instead of giving time for people to adapt?” a fan complained. “What happens if Bugs does not even do well at EVO?”

Although devs promised that Bugs will still be fun despite the nerf, many MultiVersus fans think otherwise. “I was concerned about this with Taz,” the fan continued. “And now he is so bad that nobody uses him and he is not fun.” 

With that said, the possibility that this can also happen to Bugs Bunny worries them a lot. “It would be a shame to see this happen to Bugs too,” the fan added.

The MultiVersus open beta launched on Tuesday. It included 17 characters, eight modes, and nine maps. Devs did not specify an end date for the beta. So until they do, it will “continue to get updated with new characters, maps, seasonal content, and more in the months ahead.” This also suggests that any final release for the game will simply arrive as an update to the already existing software.

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