MultiVersus Servers Are Back Up

MultiVersus Devs Are “Rolling Players In Over Time”

MultiVersus devs released its free-to-play beta this morning. Unfortunately, no one could play it when it launched. Apparently, the game’s servers were down for maintenance. They did start to come back online eventually.

With that said, MultiVersus devs are slowly allowing players in the servers across different platforms and regions. Once the game is fully operational, it will reportedly feature crossplay support and cross-progression fox PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

multiversus servers back up

“Servers are up,” developer Tony Huynh announced on social media. “We are rolling players in over time.” 

To say that MultiVersus’ launch is complicated would be a bit of an understatement. Fans who bought the Founders Pack got access to the game on July 19th. They had a bit of a headstart considering that devs only launched the game for the general public on July 26th. Unfortunately, it has not been playable at launch. Fans who tried to log in this morning immediately ran into a maintenance announcement.

Warner Bros. did not really specify when MultiVersus servers will be back online. What fans know about the situation at the moment, is that servers will be back to their normal state “soon.” At least, devs gave their fans a more detailed statement to explain the downtime. “We have had an issue with one of our build servers,” devs continued. “More information as soon as we have more available.”

Since devs are letting players back in gradually, some may have to wait longer than others. “If you are still waiting, you can keep trying and you will get in soon,” devs added. “We are making progress, hang tight.”

This sounds like a regular growing pain that a game would have on launch day. That is, unless an update indicates more serious problems.

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