Returnal’s PC Port May Have Steam Deck Support

Returnal’s SteamDB Listing Points to Steam Deck Support

Returnal fans are very much excited about the game’s port to PC consoles. It is worth noting, however, that Sony still has not confirmed whether or not a PC port is really happening. Still, this has not stopped fans from feeling that it is a certainty at this point.

Eagle-eyed fans found a SteamDB listing for the game this May. The project has the codename Oregon and bears a lot of hints that point to its supposed real identity. Just last month, screenshots of its PC graphics options and control scheme customization made their rounds on the Internet.

returnal pc port steam deck support

Fans also noticed that this listing had some updates these past few days. However, one particular entry in its change log stands out. It would seem that Returnal’s supposed PC port will have Steam Deck support. 

The game’s following strongly believes that Returnal is the type of game that is perfect for short handheld sessions. Assuming that devs are launching the game on PC in the future, Steam Deck would be a perfect fit.

At the moment, the main PC priority of the devs is the imminent release of Spider-Man Remastered. With that said, Returnal may not warrant the months of promotion that other Steam Deck Verified titles already received. Examples of which are Sony’s God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Returnal was one of the biggest surprises of 2021. It was Finnish developer Housemarque’s first foray into AAA game development. After all, the gaming community knows the studio best for its arcade-style downloadable titles. Still, it has kept their roots intact whilst telling a compelling horror style story.

The Steam Deck has been a huge hit within the gaming market. It appealed to fans of both console and PC gaming. In fact, it remains sold out since it launched in February. Valve has promised to release the system in batches.

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