Returnal’s 6GB Update Might Include a Much-Requested Save Feature

Returnal’s 6GB Patch Size Suggests It Brought More Than Just Bug Fixes

Returnal is seemingly getting a large game update soon. There is no exact date on when Housemarque is going to roll out the patch, but PlayStation Game Size, a reliable PS patch tracker, revealed that a 6G update was recently uploaded to Sony’s servers for Returnal.

At the moment, it remains unknown what new features this upcoming 6B Returnal update will have, but fans are hopeful that it will include that save option that they have long been clamoring for. Now that Returnal’s beta size got a massive increase, fans are speculating that the update it just got may have brought more than just performance improvements and bug fixes. 

returnal 6gb update save feature

The PS5 exclusive, unfortunately, does not allow its players to save their progress during gameplay because of its risk-reward dynamic. This kind of gameplay will send players back where they started, with virtually none of the items that they have obtained as they progressed prior to their death in the game.

Shortly after Returnal was launched, Housemarque received some criticism from their fans because of the game’s lack of a save feature. Players have complained that Returnal’s gameplay sessions can last up to several hours, and there is no means for them to stop and save—except for putting their PS5 on sleep mode.

Housemarque Marketing Director Mikael Havari said that they have been discussing among themselves how to solve the save issue. “We understand that there are some systems in place that are currently a hindering factor,” Havari said earlier this year. “But, currently, we just do not know what it is.”

Havari also added that they purposely created the game with the intent of getting Returnal players into a more focused, hardcore mindset whenever they are playing. However, they want the gaming community to know that the feedback has been heard, and they are working on what could be a fitting compromise. “It is very difficult to announce anything,” added Havari. “I think there is a lot of different people looking for different things.”