Far Cry 6 PS4 Boxed Owners Got Russian Discs By Mistake

Some Far Cry 6 PS4 Boxed Owners Can’t Upgrade to PS5 Because They Were Sent the Wrong Discs

Some Far Cry 6 PS4 boxed version owners have taken to social media to share their recent dismay. Apparently, they were sent the Russian versions of the game by mistake, even if they had actually purchased in the UK. This means that those who were unlucky to receive the wrong region version of the PS4 game cannot, unfortunately, upgrade it to the PS5 version.

Ubisoft sent out region-encoded discs to other regions—AGAIN,wrote one Far Cry 6 fan. “Because, apparently, they did not learn from the last time this happened.”

Why have I received a Russian region Far Cry 6 disc from a UK supplier?” said another. “Cannot get the PS4 to PS5 upgrade!”

far cry 6 ps4 to ps5 upgrade

This recent Far Cry 6 wrong-region issue is actually not the first time that Ubisoft has committed a similar mistake. Just last year, some gamers complained that they got Russian versions of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on their PS4 in the UK, which, in turn, also blocked their free upgrade to the PS5.

Although this problem can be patched by simply creating a Russian PlayStation account, doing so will not give the players access to their DLC—in addition to some extra content that is included in the premium editions of Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6 players in Greece and Germany have also complained of the same thing on Ubisoft’s official support forum. They were apparently also sent Russian versions and blocked their free PS5 upgrade.

I cannot upgrade Far Cry 6 to the PS5 version because you sent us Russian discs,” complained another player. “Not doing the Russian account workaround because that will scupper my DLC—I bought Gold Edition.”

As of the moment, Ubisoft has not yet given an official announcement on what they are going to do regarding this issue.