Far Cry 6 Has an Alternative Ending & a Secret in-Game Trailer

Far Cry 6 Players Found an Alternative Ending & a Secret in-Game Trailer

Far Cry 6 players are not new to games that have relatively bad endings. However, it has been recently revealed that the franchise’s sixth installment has an alternative ending.

Unlike its predecessors, Far Cry 6’s alternative ending will require players to first complete Libertad Rises—one of the game’s first Operations—before they can see it form themselves. After wrapping up the mission and sitting through some cut scenes, Far Cry 6 players will then be given the choice to either stay with the resistance or to run off to America and live a leisurely life.

far cry 6 alternative ending secret in-game trailer

Naturally, Far Cry 6 will be pointing players towards the fight via a waypoint, but maneuvering a boat towards the opposite direction for an amount of time will trigger a quick fading of the screen to black. The game will then show the game’s protagonist Dani lounging on a beach after three months, with a radio host announcing that Anton Castillo, the game’s antagonist, has defeated the rebellion.

This particular alternative ending for Far Cry 6 is not as fast to come by as the ones that fans have grown accustomed to with the franchise’s earlier titles. However, it is expected that go-getters in the Far Cry community will most likely plow through it in order to obtain every achievement that the game offers.

Some Far Cry 6 fans also discovered a secret in-game trailer that teases something that involves armor-wearing tigers, which they believe are in reference to certain villains of the series. They found QR codes on the sides of a certain pair of crates within the game, and scanning them will take players to a brief trailer that seems to tease new upcoming series content.

Many Far Cry 6 players believe that the secret in-game trailer is connected to the game’s villain-focused DLC—which, in turn, has been previously teased by Ubisoft in the game’s Season Pass trailer. The DLC will allow players to take on the role of Vaas, Joseph Seed, and Pagan Min, in a rogue-like mission structure that blends with what fans already know about each villain’s backstory.