Far Cry 6 Will Have Danny Trejo, Rambo & Stranger Things DLCs for Free

Stranger Things, Rambo, and Danny Trejo Are Coming to Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 will be out in a month and Ubisoft seems to have not intentions on letting up with the hype. New information has just surfaced, confirming that Far Cry 6 will feature Stranger Things, Rambo, and Danny Trejo expansions—all of which will be at absolutely no charge.

The recently shared trailer provides the Far Cry 6 community with a broad look at everything that is planned for the title after it has been launched. Some of the content will be free, while the villain-focused DLC and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon will both be locked behind the Season Pass.

far cry 6 stranger things rambo danny trejo dlc

The villain-focused DLC will allow Far Cry 6 players to control a few of the franchise’s iconic villains, namely, Joseph Seed, Pagan Min, and Vaas. As confirmed in the post-launch trailer, each of these villains will be getting a full episode. Vaas: Insanity will be out this November, Pagan: Control in January of 2022, and Joseph: Collapse in March of 2022. All of these are going to be paid expansions, which will be available either separately or with the Season Pass. Also, they are all playable in either solo or co-op mode. It remains unclear who the second player will be in control of, but it is confirmed that they do not have to purchase the DLC to play co-op.

Far Cry 6’s upcoming free DLC crossovers have certainly sent the franchise’s fans into a frenzy. The Stranger Things DLC, The Vanishing, will feature the popular crew doing a series of additional missions which seemingly involved the Upside-Down. The Rambo DLC will be based around “a Rambo super fan” instead of Sylvester Stallone himself. Danny Trejo, on the other hand, will be appearing in Far Cry 6 as himself, and players can team up with him and his infamous machete.

Danny Trejo will show up first in the Far Cry 6 world this December, followed by the Rambo DLC in February of 2022, then Stranger Things in March of 2022.