Los Angeles Thieves and Guerillas Confirm Their Roster For Vanguard

eSports Teams Los Angeles Thieves and Los Angeles Guerillas Confirm Their Roster For Vanguard

The term ‘Rostermania’ excites Call of Duty competitive fans as in the off-season, they patiently await new rosters, players that have been picked up and unfortunately, players that have been dropped. This season, Rostermania has been absolutely crazy as top tier players in competitive Call of Duty like Crimsix and Envoy were dropped, while Formal retired. As Vanguard enters its beta phase on PlayStation consoles, Los Angeles Thieves and Los Angeles Guerillas have confirmed their roster for the upcoming Call of Duty League season.

In Black Ops: Cold War, Los Angeles Thieves had a mediocre season, with some highs but a lot of lows. The team also underwent many roster changes and only really settled into to a proper team at Call of Duty Championship Weekend, which is too late to truly mesh and put up a fight.

In this season, Los Angeles Thieves lineup with be Kenny and Drazah, two players from last season, along with Octane and Envoy. Octane has returned to the Thieves after two years at the Seattle Surge, while Envoy heads to Los Angeles from Chicago Optic.

Los Angeles Guerillas suffered worse than most teams and had very little, if any, highs for the competitive season. However, it is clear that a big change is coming as the new lineup is filled with talent. The Los Angeles Guerillas have signed leader, Slasher, along with Call of Duty Champion, Huke. Gunless and Asim, two top tier talents, will join them to make up the quad. How do you think this team will fare?

Call of Duty Vanguard launches on November 5th, 2021.

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