Cult Classic Corpse Party Brings Horror To PC And Consoles Soon

Corpse Party Will Be Launching On PC And Consoles In October

XSEED Games is an independent publisher with a large portfolio of PC and console releases including titles such as Granblue Fantasy, Akiba’s Trip and Rune Factory. These games have carved out their niche in the video game genre, as XSEED Games continues to put out quality indie titles. XSEED Games has announced that Corpse Party, an updated and expanded version of the original Corpse Party, will be released in North America on October 20th. Corpse Party will release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch, as well as the Humble Bundle store.

Corpse Party is based on the cult classic in 1996 and set in Heavenly Host Elementary School. There are five main story chapters, with their unique endings and sixteen ‘extra chapters’ that highlight the series’ lore, characters and relationships. The extra chapters will be voiced in Japanese.

Corpse Party’s features include 16-bit visuals along with enchanting sound design based on Japanese audio that brings immersion and introduces elements of horror. Corpse Party is an adventure game where each decision made in Heavenly Host Elementary School has a long-term consequence and impact. Are you ready to explore the haunted hallways?

Corpse Party will be available digitally on all platforms at the price of $19.99USD with a 10% discount during launch week. PlayStation 4 owners must have a PlayStation Plus subscription to access the discount. Furthermore, the PC version of the game will be bundled with the original version of the game at a 25% discount and owners of the original game will also be entitled to a 25% discount.

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SOURCE: Press Release