MultiVersus Free Open Beta Will Launch Later This Month

MultiVersus Open Beta Begins on July 26th With Early Access on July 19th

The MultiVersus open beta test will begin sooner or later. Its closed alpha test was successful in May. With that said, Warner Bros. announced to the gaming public that the free open beta for their crossover platform fighter will start on July 26th. However, fans who took part in the closed alpha or have an early access code can begin playing its Early Access version on July 19th.

You heard that right, MVPs!” devs wrote on social media. “Early Access starts next week with full open beta on July 26th!”

multiversus open beta launch later this month

MultiVersus Director Tony Huynh also confirmed that any progress that players may have earned during the beta will carry over through the life of the game. Examples of which are item unlocks and character progression. Basically, it would seem that its open beta is going to serve like a soft launch for the game. 

It has also come to light that Player First Games have plans of adding new maps, cosmetics and characters in the next several months. Unfortunately, there are no details on who these new characters could potentially be. After all, the IP that Warner Bros. owns has such a wide range.

Just like any other game, fans have their character predictions for MultiVersus as well. According to leakers, Ted Lasso, the PowerPuff Girls, and Samurai Jack are going to soon join the fray alongside Shaggy, Arya Stark and Batman.

Fans are expecting the beta to finally pull the curtain back on one big Warner Bros. character, the Iron Giant. This particular icon has not been featured in any of the previous playable tests. However, his inclusion in the game is somewhat controversial among the community. The controversy is due to the fact that he has a nonviolent nature and is being added to a fighting game.

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