Diablo Immortal Battle Pass Bug Has Players Losing XP Despite Hotfix

Diablo Immortal’s Battle Pass Bug Prevents XP Increases

Diablo Immortal players are currently plagued with a bug. Sadly, this bug has been costing them millions of XP. Blizzard is aware of this problem and has actually rolled out a hotfix to address the issue. 

There was a hotfix to address this and the team is going through to calculate each individual’s lost XP through the time periods affected by this bug,” devs wrote. “The XP will be delivered once we go through the data.”

diablo immortal battle pass bug players losing xp

Unfortunately, this did not really do anything to fix Diablo Immortal‘s bug. Apparently, players were still experiencing the same thing following the release of the supposed hotfix. “I just levelled my Battle Pass up after the weekly reset,” one fan wrote. “I did not receive any XP for doing so.”

It has then turned out that the said player has levelled up three times, each of which did not give him any XP. “This is such a major bug,” the fan added. “It is incredibly disappointing Blizzard has not corrected it yet—or any of the other major bugs for that matter.”

Other players corroborated these claims. “After today’s reset, I completed bounties and finished a Battle Pass Rank,” another fan said. “The XP animation played but the XP bar did not increase at all.”

Some Diablo Immortal fans are more frustrated by the notion that devs are not giving them a concrete response. After all, devs already know about the issue and the fact that the hotfix did not fix the problem. 

“It has been a very known issue by all the community now for the last few days that the Battle Pass is randomly not granting XP Reward after level-ups,” another fan complained. “Please do something about it or at least give the community some sort of response.”

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