Diablo Immortal Raked in $24.3M in Its First 2 Weeks

Diablo Immortal Earns $24.3M Despite Backlash

Diablo Immortal got a lot of negative feedback at launch. Many gamers were not too pleased about the action RPGs microtransactions. In fact, its loot box system prevented its release in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Following the backlash, Blizzard promised the gaming public that Diablo 4 is not going to be monetized the same way. Still, all of this negative criticism has apparently not stopped it from raking in the cash. 

diablo imortal 24.3m in its first 2 weeks

According to multiple reports, Diablo Immortal has earned $24.3 million in its first couple of weeks. The game has been downloaded more than eight million times—not including its PC version which is currently in beta. The US accounts for 26% of its global downloads and 43% of its revenue. South Korean comes second with 23% and Japan with 8%.

Diablo Immortal achieved these numbers despite a lot of fan backlash. Multiple players complained that the game’s best loot was seemingly too difficult to obtain without spending real money. Plus, spending a lot of cash in the game does not really guarantee that they will get the loot.

However, some fans stood up for the game. There is still a lot of free content to enjoy before they need to consider spending real money. It is perhaps best to give the game a try before deciding to make a purchase.

Furthermore, the existence of microtransactions is just one of the issues. PC players also complained that the PC port feels like a mobile port particularly with regards to its KBM controls. With that said, they took to social media to point out that this seems to be a pretty low effort on Blizzard’s part. After all, the gaming public knows the studio for being good at developing PC games. Fans are hopeful that Diablo Immortal devs tweak this in future patches.

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