Diablo Immortal Release Delayed Until First Half of 2022

Diablo Immortal to Make Major Changes

The release of the mobile action RPG Diablo Immortal has been delayed from its original “2021 timeframe” to the first half of 2022 by Blizzard.  Based on feedback from the recent Closed Alpha test and other regional testing, the development team seeks to make major changes to both the PvP and PvE experience.

The primary PVE improvement is the addition of coop raids in the “Helliquary” system.  Although the Helliquary system previously allowed for a single player to take on boss fights, the new raids are designed for eight players.  In addition, there are minor adjustments to the bounty and Challenge Rifts systems.  Multiple bounties will now be given for the same zone, and higher Challenge Rifts will be more rewarding by giving exclusive upgrade material.  

On the PvP side of things, Blizzard aims to improve both the Battleground and Cycle of Strife game modes.  Battleground was introduced in the Closed Alpha as an 8v8 experience.  The mode will be improved through its matchmaking, balance, and more in order to provide a more engaging experience for players.  The Cycle of Strife mode, which allows guilds to fight for the top position of “Immortals,” is similarly undergoing optimization adjustments to make the content more accessible.  

Finally, Blizzard is adding controller support, as well as improving the leveling system.  Paragon levels, which allows a player to increase a character’s power after hitting the level cap, will now offer the opportunity to take on higher difficulties for better loot.  In addition, the weekly XP cap, which was implemented as a way to discourage playing an “unhealthy number of hours per week,” will now be changed to a “global cap” to accommodate players who seek to catch up, play less often, or reach the cap.  

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