Overwatch 2 Releases Porsche Skin in Season 10

Revving Up the Excitement: The Porsche Crossover Event

Overwatch 2 enthusiasts are in for a treat as the game gears up for its first-ever Porsche crossover event in Season 10. Among the highlights of this collaboration is the introduction of the Porsche skin, inspired by the sleek and futuristic design of the Macan Electric. D.Va is the lucky character that will get to enjoy this new skin.

Revealed in a press release, the legendary D.Va skin captures the essence of the Macan Electric Porsche with its striking white and silver aesthetic. D.Va’s mech adopts the sleek contours and sporty allure of a high-performance sports car, while her attire blends elements of a racing uniform with casual workout attire, featuring shades of gray and purple.

To celebrate this crossover in style, a real-life, seven-foot-tall Macan Electric Mech has been constructed by Onyx Forge Studios. This impressive statue is currently on display at the Porsche Full Service Installation in Brazos Hall, Austin, Texas, until March 12. Subsequently, it is slated to make appearances at various gaming events throughout the year.

Overwatch 2

Further details regarding the Porsche Overwatch 2 event will be unveiled at the commencement of Season 10, expected in early April. In addition to the legendary D.Va skin, players can anticipate another legendary skin, accompanied by a plethora of other cosmetics. While the pricing for these legendary skins remains undisclosed, previous bundles have typically ranged between $20 to $30 USD, offering fans an affordable indulgence in comparison to the real-world Macan Electric 4, priced at over $80,000.

The impending arrival of the Porsche crossover event in Overwatch 2 has stirred up a whirlwind of excitement among players, marking another milestone in the game’s ongoing legacy of captivating crossover collaborations. As fans eagerly await the unveiling of the sleek D.Va Porsche skin inspired by the Macan Electric, anticipation is already building for the next major collaboration on the horizon.