Diablo Immortal Still Totally Happening

There’s Even A Trailer To Prove It!

Diablo Immortal, Blizzard’s least popular decision of the last decade, got a new gameplay trailer during ChinaJoy 2020. The trailer came with a pre-registration announcement for Chinese users. There’s no word on when Immortal is coming to North America, but we weren’t exactly hot for it after the initial announcement. So many boos…

Diablo Immortal

Said trailer looks pretty cool for a mobile game, though this comes with a caveat or two. For one thing, what are the controls like? How many skills are we getting access to? Is this just an action game, or will Immortal retain those essential RPG qualities that define the Diablo franchise? Do we want this game to even come to North America, or did Blizzard fully poison the well with that first trailer?

We don’t have a proper release schedule for Diablo Immortal, at least not one that takes the pandemic into account. We were supposed to get some regional tests at the 2020 midpoint, but all that is right out the window. Based on the developer, the target audience, and the North American reaction, Immortal might get a full release in China before we ever see a beta. Maybe by then people will have changed their tune about this scrappy mobile title? You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of Blizzard Watch.