Netflix Is Making A Beyond Good And Evil Film

Detective Pikachu Director Currently Attached

In case you’d somehow forgotten, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is eventually happening, maybe. Now there’s a second project to wait for in the same IP, as Netflix is apparently making a Beyond Good and Evil film with the director behind Detective Pikachu. Hey this might be really good!

Beyond Good and Evil Netflix

Assuming it ever comes out, of course. Video game adaptations are generally cursed productions, often going through multiple directors and producers (and leads!) before vanishing altogether. Unless said film is being made by Sony, in which case they super promise that the movie is totally happening. Beyond the director, Rob Letterman, we don’t know a dang thing about this film.

In fact, it’s almost too early to even speculate. Who knows how many key staff members this project will chew up before it’s done? On the other hand, this is Netflix we’re talking about. They’re real workhorses when it comes to production. It’s possible this movie will just… happen, once it gets the staff and shooting schedule it requires. Meanwhile, we’ve got little in the way of news from Beyond Good and Evil 2, aside from occasional assurances that it is still very much a thing. If you’re super starved for content from this series, the original game is out on PC.