Diablo Immortal Faces Furious Backlash Due to Microtransactions

Diablo Immortal Fans Are Not Liking Its Microtransactions

Diablo Immortal is facing a lot of backlash from its community. The game launched less than a week ago on mobile devices and PC. However, it is already facing the wrath of angry players due to its microtransactions. The angry mob of dismayed players have taken to social media to let the devs know that they are not happy.

Devs originally planned for the game to be a mobile project. With that said, its F2P monetization is fairly typical for the platform. According to Principal Designer Joe Grubb, the items that are being offered for purchase are not essential. 

diablo immortal backlash microtransactions

Grubb told the Diablo Immortal community last month that microtransactions are for “optional purchases that are always a bonus.” “They never circumvent core gameplay,” he said at the time. Nonetheless, the aggressive microtransactional push ended up sparking a powerful blowback from its community.

Among the items that are available as in-game purchases are crests which add gameplay modifiers. They also guarantee specific item drops, such as crafting materials and services. The former impacts combat, while the latter offers bonus rewards whenever players complete a mission.

Angry fans call Diablo Immortal a “gambling simulator with a Diablo skin.” “Blatant cash grab filled to the brim with egregious microtransactions so bad,” one player complained. “It is literally against the law in some countries.” The game is not launching in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Another player complained that the game is nothing but a “loot box-filled money waster.” “You are better off going to 7-11 and buying lottery tickets,” he wrote.

“It is unfortunately spoiled by the numerous ways the game tries to exploit people who are vulnerable to casino-like tactics,” wrote another. “This could have been great but instead it just feels like the game is playing you.”

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