Hearts of Iron IV Announces New Expansion: By Blood Alone

New Histories Forged in Fire 

Prepare for war on new fronts. From the Mediterranean to the Swiss Alps, to the Cradle of Civilization. Today Paradox Interactive announced an upcoming expansion for their 4X grand strategy game, Hearts of Iron IV. A press release about the expansion, By Blood Alone, provides more information. Additionally, a teaser trailer gives players a glimpse of what they can expect from the expansion. 

Hearts of Iron IV places players in charge of a country during WWII. It is up to the player to lead their nation to victory. Whether you select a nation embroiled in the fury of the war, or a smaller nation simply trying to outlast the horror, you must ensure your nation survives. Great generals will lead your armies with tanks, planes, ships, guns and more. Of course, this means players create their own war stories, and develop their own nations identity during the greatest conflict in history. 

The new expansion, By Blood Alone, introduces players to a great deal of new content. From new focus trees for Italy, Ethiopia, and Switzerland to new options for peace. Additionally, Blood Alone, brings new features such as the aircraft designer where players can make their own planes from bombers to fighters and anything in between. Of course, players can get a look at By Blood Alone in the new teaser trailer. 

Hearts of Iron Iv: By Blood Alone will be available later in 2022. Currently Hearts of Iron IV is available on PC via Steam. The game is available for purchase for $49.99, or subscription for $5.70 a month. So are you excited about the expansion?