Spider-Man Mod that Erases Pride Flags Has Been Removed

The Gay Spiders are Safe in Spider-Man Remastered

Something happened on the popular game modding site “Nexus Mods” over the past little while. Something the mod team described as “silly drama” around a mod for Spider-Man Remastered. While the game itself was very well received, a certain group had one complaint. The intent of this mod was fairly straightforward: find all the game’s LGBT pride flags and replace them with standard American flags. Upon seeing this, the moderation team at Nexus Mods had a straightforward intent of their own. They removed the mod from their site entirely.

After doing so, the team put out a statement on a matter. In regards to the replacement of Pride flags in this game, or any game, our policy is thus: we are for inclusivity, we are for diversity. If we think someone is uploading a mod on our site with the intent to deliberately be against inclusivity and/or diversity then we will take action against it.

We aren’t the authority on what users can and cannot mod. Us removing a mod only means it cannot be found at Nexus Mods, nothing more, nothing less.

Clearly, this issue is not one up for debate by the Nexus Mods team. After explaining their position on the Spider-Man Remastered mod, the post illustrated a very hardline attitude:

We don’t want to and won’t argue this with you. We’ve now explained our stance and we won’t be providing a platform for you to distort our position in order to feed an irrational and paranoid narrative. You can do that elsewhere, where we won’t care enough to read it.

If this policy upsets you, if we’ve broken some moral code of conduct as a business that you can’t accept, then please, delete your account.

You can read the entire post here.