GUNNAR Optiks Unveils Groot Glasses

Glasses are Groot

Special edition gear is awesome. This kind of goes without saying. Getting your favorite characters on an article of clothing, or an item, that you can buy, own, and show off is just great. This idea becomes especially true when it comes to superheroes.  Today, Marvel Studios and GUNNAR Optiks are happy to announce their new partnership bringing Guardians of the Galaxy eyewear to fans. That’s right, fans of the Guardians, in need of glasses, can get their hands on Groot Glasses. A press release delivers more vital information on these spacey specs. 

GUNNAR Groot Glasses

GUNNAR Optiks’ Groot Glasses are blue light blocking, making them perfect for those stuck on screens. Yet, that is only one of their features. Additionally, the glasses are built with sustainably sourced walnut wood, ensuring Groot would take no offence. Furthermore, the glasses contain  flexible metal hinges and laminated carbon fiber internals. Of course, this means that the glasses are strong while maintaining flexibility. The glasses also have the iconic “I am Groot” phrase etched into them. 

As blue light blockers, the glasses help reduce the harmful effects of the light. For instance, wearers can expect less dry, red, or irritated eyes, blurred vision, and eye fatigue. All of this on top of looking good.

GUNNAR’s Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Edition glasses are available today. The glasses come in at $129. More information is available on GUNNAR’s website. Time to grab your own pair and become Groot. Check them out today.