PlayStation 5 Update Introduces Community Game Help

Enhancing PlayStation 5 Player Assistance and System Performance

Sony has rolled out the latest PlayStation 5 system software update, version 24.03-09.20.00, which introduces the highly anticipated Community Game Help feature to the console. This new addition aims to enhance player assistance by providing hints generated from other players’ gameplay videos within the Game Help section for supported titles.

Accessible to all PS5 players, regardless of PlayStation Plus subscription status, Community Game Help offers a collaborative platform where gamers can share helpful tips and strategies. Players can now rate the usefulness of these hints, allowing Sony to curate informative content tailored to the community’s preferences.

Enabling participation in Community Game Help is straightforward. Users can opt in from the Settings menu, under Captures & Broadcasts > Captures > Auto Captures > Community Game Help. Once activated, the PS5 will automatically capture gameplay videos upon completing specific in-game activities. These videos undergo moderation and, if approved, are published as Game Help hints for other players to access and rate.

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Importantly, only raw gameplay footage is uploaded to Sony’s servers, ensuring the privacy of users’ personal information, including webcam images and chat audio. Furthermore, users have the flexibility to opt out of PlayStation 5’s Community Game Help at any time, removing all published videos from the console.

In addition to the noteworthy introduction of Community Game Help, update 24.03-09.20.00 marks a significant stride forward in enhancing the performance and stability of the PlayStation 5’s system software. This update reflects the ongoing commitment of Sony Interactive Entertainment to refine and optimize the user experience on its flagship gaming platform.

The improvements implemented in this update extend beyond the introduction of Community Game Help, encompassing a range of enhancements aimed at bolstering the overall functionality and usability of the PlayStation 5 system software. One notable area of focus has been the optimization of system performance, ensuring smoother operation and responsiveness across various aspects of the platform.