Mark of the Deep Bringing Pirate Adventure to PC

A Pirate’s Life 

Time for some classic metroidvania gameplay with some nautical twists. The seas leave much to be explored, and as a pirate it’s your job to explore them. Yet, keep in mind, the depths are far from linear, and dangers lurk around every reef. Today,  Mad Mimic is happy to unveil their ambitious new indie game, Mark of the Deep. Inviting players to step into the boots of a wannabe Pirate Legend, the game takes players on an exploration of a cursed island. Interestingly, the game combines metroidvania style with deep exploration and dynamic combat. A new trailer gives players a first taste of the salty adventure that awaits them. 

Mark of the Deep

Mark of the Deep introduces players to Marcus “Rookie” Ramsey and his crew. Lost to a mysterious cursed island players, as Rookie, will explore looking for a way out. Of course, many dangers lurk on the island. Of course, some of them may even be mythical in nature. Importantly, Rookie must explore the island to recover his missing crew and save them from the clutches of a strange and nefarious figure. This stranger leads a cult who worships the “Old Folk”. Interestingly, the game combines its metroidvania style with cosmic horror elements and non-linear exploration, creating a new kind of adventure set in the universe of pirates.

Importantly, players can get a better look at Mark of the Deep in the new trailer for the game. Check out this nautical adventure and prepare for some action-packed swashbuckling. So, view the trailer below.

Mark of the Deep is releasing on PC via Steam. Importantly, the game can be wishlisted now on Steam.