Cutesy Survival Game ‘Stranded Sails’ Arrives in October

Stranded Sails Is All About Escaping Scary (But Also Relaxing) Islands

Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands is an upcoming open-world survival game set on a mysterious archipelago. As a stranded survivor, players will have to farm food, go on quests, craft items, and take care of their fellow survivors while building towards an ultimate goal: a boat that can sail the survivors away from the islands.

Aside from surviving, there are other challenges that players will face such as fighting hostile supernatural forces, finding hidden treasure, and solving tricky puzzles. They’ll also have to build up their group’s camp throughout the game.

When it comes to exploration, Stranded Sails features multiple islands that can be reached on foot or by rowboat.

Stranded Sails

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Source: Press release