Paradox Mods Easily lets Players Mod their Games, not Just on PC

More Publishers Being Mod-Friendly

Mods make the world go ’round. Whether they are for making your game look prettier, turning enemies into cartoon characters, or making your characters nude, mods are popular in virtually every game they are available for. Publisher Paradox Interactive sees this and welcomes the modding community with open arms. Using their new modding platform Paradox Mods, modding their games has never been easier. Right now, only three games are supported through the site, but they are not just limited to PC, like many mods are. Mods are available for Windows, Linux and Xbox One users.

Paradox Mods

The three games on the platform are Paradox’s Surviving Mars, Stellaris, and Cities: Skylines. Stellaris mods are available for Linux and Windows, Cities: Skylines mods can be downloaded for Windows and Xbox One, and Surviving Mars mods are available for all three. The featured mods for Surviving Mars include A SpaceY Monument and Name Your Colonists. A SpaceY Monument is a giant building-structure in the shape of a joint with. This is a reference to Elon Musk’s space ventures after the podcast where he partook in some marijuana. Cities: Skylines mods are almost exclusively uploaded by the modder Quad Rioters. The mods available for this game are almost all buildings and vehicles.

With Bethesda’s mod support for Fallout 4 and Skyrim, Paradox is hardly the first publisher to make modding more accessible. The Steam Workshop is another example of distributors embracing the modding community. Paradox is not blazing any new trails here, but their efforts to expand their games through mods are certainly accepted. This type of engagement with the modding community from as many developers and publishers as possible is also definitely encouraged.

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Source: PC Gamer