Update 4.3 Adds New Tools to PUBG

PUBG’s Update 4.3 Adds New Content and Features

The newest update for PUBG adds a new shotgun, the DP-12, as well as a Mega Energy Drink and a Bluezone Uplink. The Uplink can be used by gamers to have quick and easy access to the safe zone. The new Mega Energy Drink acts like a light Medkit when gamers use it to regain their health. PUBG Update 4.3 is on the PC test server now and is coming to the live server and Xbox One, Mobile and PS4 soon.


The DP-12 acts like a pump action shotgun and a double barrel shotgun combined, giving gamers a more versatile shotgun for the end circle, for every two shots, the player must pump the shotgun but the two shots will likely be enough to down someone at close range. The Mega Energy Drink was previously known as “Super Drink” but the name has been confirmed now as it offers 100 healing over time instead of the 23 health offered from standard Energy Drinks and 60 health overtime which is the benefit of the painkillers. Previously known as the Inductor, the Bluezone Uplink has the power to change PUBG for good as it can set a gamers current location inside the next safe zone. The Bluezone Uplink will definitely help players avoid dying outside the circle as it closes faster and causes more damage over time, while adding more layers to the already deep level of strategy in PUBG.

Just like any other update, update 4.3 brings with it more balance changes to existing maps, items, vehicles, etc. in the never ending epic battle of Battle Royale supremacy. The previous PUBG update offered dynamic weather systems to the Erangel map which gamers have enjoyed as a step in the right direction visually. It would be really cool if Sanhok got the same treatment in the future as it always struck us as a tropical rain forest that would have rain downpour one minute and blazing sunshine the next.

Which of the update 4.3 changes are you most excited about? What’s your favorite map in PUBG and how do you think the developers of PUBG could improve it? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech