“Bloody Harvest” Halloween Event Creeping into Borderlands 3

Spooky Scary Skags

After Gearbox showed a little of the Halloween event in their first-ever episode of “The Borderlands Show”, more details have been released about the upcoming spooky-fest The Bloody Harvest. This is the first of many free events Gearbox has planned for Borderlands 3 and will be open to all players come October. Some major changes are coming in preparation for this event and some real scares are coming to Pandora. In addition to skins, new monsters, and a new map, Borderlands 3 wouldn’t be complete without weapons and Bloody Harvest will have its fair share including The Fearmonger.

This is just one of the many weapons coming to Borderlands 3. Any vault hunters that have ventured beyond Pandora will start encountering a unique enemy type: the Haunted. These Haunted enemies will allow players to access the new event-specific map. However, upon killing these enemies a ghost will rise and apply a debuff, Terror, to players. The Terror debuff will cause the player’s vision to mist up and weaken gun handling, accuracy, and spread.

However, as players continue to kill the Haunted they can collect Hecktoplasm that can be given to a new NPC aboard Sanctuary III. With enough Hecktoplasm, players can enter into the Bloody Harvest map. A ghastly graveyard awaits as they must fight their way through Maliwan goons, winged Rakk-O’-Lanterns and many more fiendish foes. At the very end of the graveyard, players will face the Baron of Bloody Harvest himself. For those who’ve been playing through the campaign, this bloody baron might just strike a familiar chord.

The Borderlands Show: Episode 1

For those brave enough to enter the graveyard, you’ll find numerous cosmetic rewards and loot. Each Vault Hunter will be receiving a unique skin (which will also apply to Moze’s mech and Fl4K’s pets). Players can look forward to two new weapons and a shield that play into the Terror mechanic. Additionally, Haunted enemies will have new Anointed drops.

Overall it looks like a ghoulish romp through Pandora and beyond! Are you going to join the fight against the undead? Let us know in the comments!