Hunt: Showdown Launches on Xbox One

Hunt Your Way Through Sinister Louisiana

After an impressive showing at GDC, Crytek’s latest release Hunt: Showdown is now live. Hunt: Showdown is an atmospheric online multiplayer bounty hunting game set in Louisiana in 1895. Not only is the game out, but the first DLC “Legends of the Bayou” is also available alongside the release. The game is available for $39.99 on Xbox One or bundled with the DLC for $44.95.

Billed as an FPS with a mix of PvP and PvE, Hunt: Showdown pits Hunters against each other, either solo or in pairs. Hunters must find a gruesome beast for the bounty, collect the monster, and get off the map. Seems simple enough, but with so many players hunting the same creature, and each other, the game is sure to offer some memorable moments. In Quick Play, solo players will compete for weapons and a diminishing pool of bounty.

Another major selling point is the unique atmosphere Hunt: Showdown offers. A western mixed with horror, Hunt aims for an immersive experience with ambient lighting, macabre monsters, and an environment that holds secrets in every shadow.

Hunt Showdown Featured

The “Legend of the Bayou” DLC comes with two legendary hunter characters: the Bone Doctor and Weird Sister. Additionally, two unique weapons, including the Copperhead, a Nagant M1895 named for a local snake, as well as in-game currency that can be used to customise Hunters. For those that already own the game, the DLC can be picked up for $9.99.

Players on the Xbox One X can expect a beautiful 1800p resolution, as well as a huge texture pool, high-quality water shading, anti-aliasing, shadow quality, and improved SVOTI.┬áHunt: Showdown’s soundtrack is also available on most streaming and digital music platforms. The game is currently out for on PC on Steam. According to preorder dates, a PS4 version is coming later this year.

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