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Character Creator Coming to Minecraft

No Crafting Table Required In the latest patch notes ( Minecraft will be adding a Character Creator. This will allow players to customise their avatar in numerous ways. So far this is only active in the beta, which is available to Xbox One, Windows 10, and Android. There’s been no announcement for when the feature … Continued

YouTube Verification System Getting Overhauled

In a recent announcement, YouTube has changed how channels become verified. This change has come mainly because of YouTube’s growth. In the beginning, 100,000 followers was an impressive number, but now with channels like PewDiePie reaching 100 million, the discrepancy is showing.

id Software Founder Weighs In On Crunch Culture

John Carmack, founder of id Software, recently appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast to talk about crunch culture. As an industry veteran, with titles like Doom and Wolfenstein under his belt, Carmack has been in the trenches and he has some interesting beliefs in the culture as a whole.

Untitled Goose Game Waddling To Release

The long-awaited goose simulator Untitled Goose Game is launching September 20th on Switch, PC + Mac on the Epic Game Store. After the studio’s announcement earlier this year that the game was delayed, fans finally have a concrete release date.