Major Changes Coming to Armor 2.0 in Destiny 2 Update

No More Shoulder Changing To Victory

It’s the third week of Destiny 2’s newest DLC Shadowkeep and things are finally smoothing themselves out. In this week’s update, Bungie covers Iron Banner, Supers, art, and of course those good, good patch notes. Let’s dive in!

destiny 2 shadowkeep

First of all, Bungie has uploaded some incredible artwork from the Shadowkeep art team that can be see on ArtStation. These pieces are absolutely beautiful, ranging from weapons to background, and even the Nightmares haunting Eris. If you’re a big concept art buff, Bungie has 100% delivered.

In addition to some general patch notes, the devs have also made some changes to Supers. Specifically, debuffs are coming to the Striker Code of the Juggernaut tree, reducing the amount of energy back from kills. Additionally, the Ward of Dawn timer now matches the Armour of Light timer. These come on the heels of last week’s PvP changes.

More general patch notes are as follow:

  • Forsaken subclasses will display the correct super icon in the PvP HUD for the following Subclasses:
      • Thundercrash
      • Burning Maul
      • Blade Barrage
      • Spectral Blades
      • Nova Warp
      • Well of Radiance
      • Chaos Reach
  • Fixed a bug where Warlocks who wagered Weak Motes in Reckoning were incorrectly being rewarded Titan gear
  • Fixed a bug that increased loading times for gear preview while in space flight.
  • Players should notice their character models update more quickly while changing gear, previewing ornaments, or previewing shaders during space flight
  • Phantasmal Core stack cap raised from 3 to 999
  • Blocking Communication with Players in Steam will now block/mute Players in Destiny 2
  • Added Functionality for /addfriend and /removefriend commands
      • /addfriend [ PlayerName ]
      • /removefriend [ PlayerName ]
      • Note – Players must be in one of your Rosters (Fireteam, Friends, or Clan) in order to Add/Remove them as a Friend
  • Added Functionality for /invite command
      • /invite [ PlayerName ]
          • Note – Players must be in one of your Rosters (Fireteam, Friends, or Clan) in order to Invite them by PlayerName
      • /invite [ SteamID ]
          • Note – You can Invite Players by SteamID, regardless of if they’re in your Roster or not
  • Players can now /invite and /join another Player regardless of their Steam Online Status (‘Online’, ‘Invisible’ or ‘Offline’)
  • /help description updated to reflect new changes to commands

The dev team is also taking a look at Armour 2.0, Destiny 2’s biggest change. Overall, there are some balancing changes coming to the mods and a push to let players have more freedom and creativity while doing builds.

For a full look at all the changes, the armour mod changes and other updates can be read on Bungie’s website.