Destiny 2 Patch Is Finally Here With Bugs and Exploit Fixes

Eyes Up, Guardians of Destiny 2

Bungie has officially released the latest patch for Destiny 2. They have fixed a number of issues and exploits. And also ensuring the game is in prime condition for the impending revival of the Crota’s End raid. This new feature will also include a World First race.

The primary focus of Patch revolves around Loadouts, which are now functional again thanks to a bug fix. Despite significant progress, it has not completely resolved the matter. Although they are largely functioning as planned, Loadouts will experience a temporary inability to retrieve weapons from a player’s vault. A future update will resolve this matter.

Destiny 2

Bungie has demonstrated remarkable speed in addressing an exploit that the player community uncovered. This exploit revolved around synergizing the Pyrogale Gauntlets and Synthoceps’ effects to forge an immensely potent super ability.

Although players were ready for the exploit to receive attention through a patch, several of them had anticipated that Bungie would temporarily deactivate the gauntlets while addressing the issue. The good news is that you have complete access to your Pyrogale Gauntlets as usual. But combining it with Synthoceps has been removed in this patch.

The developer has also refined the Crucible spawns. In this latest adjustment, the developer has reverted spawn points within Control and Clash to their state prior to Season 21. This undoing of a series of balance alterations implemented since that time aims to restore the previous dynamics. Make sure to check out the full patch notes from our source below.