Destiny 2 Season 22 to Bring Changes to Monte Carlo and Other Exotics

A New Era Will Begin in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 season 22 is right around the corner. The Season of the Deep will officially conclude soon on 22 August. It coincides with the game’s weekly reset and it will mark the commencement of Season 22. The developer Bungie has revealed some of the weapon adjustments that players can anticipate in the new season.

This upcoming update will primarily dive deeply into intricate aspects such as weapon fall-off damage, reticle behavior, and meticulous adjustments. Surely all of these changes will captivate players who are very much interested in numbers.

Destiny 2 Gambit

Things get really interesting in the Exotics and specialized ammunition weaponry sections. To begin with, there’s unfortunate news for those who built their Guardian focusing on dual-wielding two specialized ammunition firearms. Because Bungie has adjusted the bug which results in heavy ammo dropping at an increased rate. Now heavy ammo will be generated at a rate equivalent to a balanced distribution of weapon ammo archetypes.

The good news is for all the fans of Monte Carlo. You can anticipate the arrival of what the developer hails as their most intricate catalyst to date. Above all, Bungie is enabling players to utilize its bayonet. They finally provided a sneak peek, demonstrating the practical application of Monte Carlo’s pointed end.

There are details regarding the upcoming changes for various other Exotics as well. These adjustments will include significant modifications for Le Monarque, Touch of Malice, and Wicked Implement.

In PvP, Le Monarque’s lingering damage-over-time effect will see a reduction. And Touch of Malice is set to undergo adjustments to make it less draining for players, and Wicked Implement is in for a power boost.

You can check out all the adjustments from our source. Make sure you watch the Monte Carlo catalyst video below.