Sea of Conquest: Pirate War Has Launched Its Latest Season

Fresh Adventures Await in Sea of Conquest: Pirate War

The independent game company FunPlus has officially launched the new season, Samurai Seas for their popular strategy game, Sea of Conquest: Pirate War. This new season is bringing a thrilling experience for players as they set off on a fresh adventure to conquer uncharted waters. All the while facing daring challenges on the high seas.

Sea of Conquest: Pirate War

Players will finally get to embark on brand-new adventures in the Samurai Seas, making their legendary status. Along the way, they will explore new incidents, spots, and map events that inspire them for more journeys.

With the all-new treasure map system, players will uncover hidden treasures, face fearsome beasts, and encounter surprises. They will even engage in dangerously competitive Trade Guild Wars. There are new heroes to recruit, such as Chizuru and Obi (They are not available on all the servers, and players will need to level up their UID to access them). Players can even command different strategies with new ships, like the Orochi ship.

The game further enriches its already robust hero system by introducing a new feature called Hero Dispatch. This addition enables players to utilize their hero roster in diverse ways, thereby increasing opportunities to acquire valuable loot. So are you ready for a new chapter in the maritime expeditions in this latest season?

Sea of Conquest: Pirate War is available for free on the AppStore, Google Play, and on PC.