Destiny 2: Top 5 Fun PVE Builds

From Dregs to Oryx 

Hello Guardians. So, you’re looking for weapons and armor to help take on even the toughest of the Destiny 2’s enemies? You’ve been all over the galaxy and faced down some strong foes. Yet, you feel like you could still be doing more? That’s what we like to hear. There are a lot of nasty things to deal with out there, but luckily there are a lot of weapons to take them down. 

Destiny 2

So, have no worries. COGconnected is here with some Destiny 2 PVE builds that are, not only fun to use, but dangerously effective. Whether you’re a hunter, warlock, or titan, there will be something here for you to use. However, these builds are mostly centering around some stronger late-game content. So, for those new-lights out there, don’t worry. You will get here eventually. But, if you’re just wondering what items, stats, and sub-classes you should be building around then feel free to keep reading. 

Of course, those with a high enough light level, and who are looking to blast some bad guys. This is the place to be. So, without further ado guardians let’s get into the list. Importantly, the list isn’t in any particular order of best-to-worst it’s just 5 builds that are viable, cool, and fun to use. Let’s go. 

1. Lucky Malfeasance – Hunter

You love yellow numbers right? You want to eradicate champion shields regardless of type. Do you have an addiction to delayed burst damage. Good, then this is the build for you. With a combination of a wicked hand-cannon and Cayde 6’s pants, you will be shredding champions, mini-bosses, and more in no time. Here’s how it works.

Of course, this build is constructed around the exotic hand-cannon, Malfeasance, and the exotic leg armor, Lucky Pants. These two items provide quite a unique combination that allows the user to shred through enemy champions. Malfeasance itself, is a hand-cannon with a twenty round clip and decent fire-rate. It does additional damage to taken enemies, yet the most important part for this build is it’s perk “explosive shadow”. 

Destiny 2

Explosive Shadow triggers after shooting a target with five or more shots. It triggers a massive burst of crit damage to the target as well as damaging surrounding enemies. Of course, this effect also does massive damage to shields of any type, it doesn’t matter what element. It also provides some clear for adds. This alone is a powerful weapon for PVE. However, there’s more. 

Lucky Pants are essential in making this build pump numbers. It boils down to the crazy powerful perk on the pants “illegally modded holster”. This perk ensures that swapping to a fully loaded hand-cannon gives it a damage boost. Each shot fired does more damage than the last while the perk is active. You see where we are going with this?

Swapping to Malfeasance, using the perk from Lucky Pants, will allow you to fully use the perks of both exotics to the best of their ability. The burst damage from Malfeasance benefits from the Lucky Pants as well meaning you will be dealing massive damage to any monster who gets in your way. Put this with some charged with light modifications on the pants and the rest of your armor and you shouldn’t face any problems annihilating the enemies of the Light. Pair all of this with the void hunter class nightstalker build for maximum damage and effect. 

Credit for this build goes to Unstoppable on YouTube

2. The Devouring – Warlock 

It’s time to channel the power of the void, Warlock. Turn into a grenade-slinging, enemy-devouring, monster. This build involves pairing the voidwalker Warlock subclass, equipping the Nova Bomb ultimate. Essentially, using this alongside a couple items, and the proper aspects will have you throwing the void willy-nilly, destroying enemies with ease. 

The main feature of this build is centering on the “Feed the Void” Aspect. Granting the devour effect, Feed the Void, ensures that you will restore health with every enemy kill from a voidability. Luckily for you, this build ensures the spam of grenades and void abilities is par for the course. 

Of course, it will be important to bring along some equipment to make sure you are maximizing your void power. As such, two exotics come to mind. Contraverse Hold or Nezerac’s Sin. Either of these exotics boost the damage of void abilities. Combining these with the aspects and fragments like Echo of Expulsion, Echo of Persistence or Echo of Remnants will ensure the grenades are flying and your devour is doing its job.  

You’ll be hard to kill, and be dealing damage. Importantly this means you will be able to hold your own in any PVE setting while empowering yourself and your allies. Additionally, it’s just a lot of fun to float around throwing void grenades at enemies. 

The main idea for this build comes from The Loudout

3. Burning Melee- Titan

Alright, we get it. You wanna throw hammers forever and make enemies explode. You feel like an activity’s power level is simply a suggestion, and you have always felt like an unstoppable force of nature. Yah, well, here’s the build for you. This build centers around the Synthoceps Exotic Arms to improve melee damage. Using these arms and the Titan Solar class, you will have sustain, damage, and fun. 

The Synthoceps are the perfect exotic for this build. They increase the lung distance, damage, and super damage when you are surrounded. Of course, this is amazing for a titan diving into a horde of enemies. Using the Titan sunbreaker subclass, and the Monte Carlo exotic weapon will ensure that you will be able to spam your melee abilities and pump out damage. 

Destiny 2

Of course with a melee build, you need a proper gun that benefits. And there is no better exotic gun than the Monte Carlo. With the perk combo of the “Monte Carlo Method” and “Markov Chain” not only will you be reducing your melee cooldowns, but also increasing the damage of your gun by meleeing. 

This build is perfect for running high-level end-game content. It will allow you to be in the thick of battle recovering HP and dealing massive damage. Using the throwing hammers with the cure modifier, you will essentially have infinite throwing hammers that then create sunspots to heal you. So get out there, and start chucking hammers. 

Divide gets credit for a lot of this build on YouTube

4. The Shatterer- Hunter 

An oldie but still good. This is the shatter stasis build for hunters. The main basis of this build is to shatter the stasis crystals you build by defeating enemies. Pairing your Revenant subclass with the Renewal Grasps exotic will ensure that you can constantly be using your withering blades and other stasis abilities. 

Now, of course, Renewal Grasps got nerfed, but they still work for this build. This Stasis build grants you a great deal of crowd control, and clear. Using the ultimate, alongside the aspects “Touch of Winter” and “Grim Harvest” players will be able to trigger stasis effects almost constantly especially using their duskfield grenades. 

Pairing these aspects with fragments like “Whisper of Shards” and “Whisper of Rime” will not only boost grenade regen but also give you sustain. Additionally, the Renewal Grasps will ensure that your duskfield grenades have a wider area of effect as well as provide you and your allies with a buff. 

Overall, any stasis type weapon exotic would be good for this build. It mostly revolves around the control your abilities grant you. As long as you are making sure to use your grenades as often as possible, you will be able to handle anything. 

5. Crystalline Juggernaut- Titan 

Last on our list is another stasis build, this time for our Titan friends. This build revolves around the Behemoth subclass, and will turn you into a walking fortress of crystal-shattering devastation. Focusing on overshield generation, damage resistance and short cooldowns, this build is perfect for taking the lead on dangerous missions. 

Importantly, the main exotic to use is the Hoarfrost-Z which will turn your deployable barrier into a stasis shield. Using this exotic allows your barrier to provide overshields, resist damage, and lower grenade cooldowns. Overall it is essential in making this build what it is. 

Pairing this item and subclass with aspects such as “Tectonic Harvest” and “Diamond Lance” will ensure that you are constantly generating melee energy and crowd control. Additionally, aspects like Chains and Rime will give you more shields and recovery making you insanely tanky. 

As far as weapons go, any powerful weapon will do. However, any weapon with the “Headstone” perk works exceptionally well. This is of course because it will allow you to spawn stasis crystals on precision kills. Overall this build makes you a powerhouse who is good at surviving as well as helping your team survive. It is exceptionally decent in later stage content as a supportive and powerful build. 

Take Care Guardian 

There you have it. 5 Builds to help you take on any foe in the galaxy. Most of all, they will help you feel awesome and have fun. Learn to master the weapons you carry and the abilities at your disposal guardian. The Last City and the Traveler are counting on you. So , get out there, have fun and make the Vanguard proud. 

Thank you for keeping it locked on COGconnected.

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