Top 5 Video Games Arriving in October 2022

Top 5 Video Games Arriving in October 2022

October is always a massive month for video game releases, and October 2022 is no exception. It was pretty obvious what the Top 5 Video Games Arriving in October 2022 would be, but we were still shocked at some of the games we had to omit. Our two runners-up this month aren’t new full games, but deserved special mention due to the importance of their arrival. Persona 5 Royal is leaving its PlayStation exclusivity and will be available for Switch and Xbox consoles, and will be remastered for next-gen consoles. And Overwatch 2 is entering early access but is not at full launch. Without further ado, the Top 5 Video Games Arriving in October 2022 are:

5. Gotham Knights – October 21

Despite being developed by the same team who made Batman: Arkham Origins, Gotham Knights is apparently not connected to the Arkham series. It is still a Batman universe game, and still an open world third person action game with light RPG elements. The story is about a world where Batman and Commissioner Gordon are dead. The four playable heroes left to clean up the city are Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, and Red Hood. The game’s Main antagonists are The Court of Owls. Gotham Knights will be only be available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

4. Star Ocean: The Divine Force – October 27

The Star Ocean series has struggled with its last few entries. But they’re all spread so far apart that it’s hard to not be excited and hopeful every time another one gets announced. The last Star Ocean game was released way back in 2016. Star Ocean: The Divine Force is being touted as a return to form, with two protagonists, multiple planets to explore, and private action conversations between characters. The demo has been well-received, and JRPG fans need to take note of this massive release. Star Ocean: The Divine Force will be available for everything except the Switch.