Blizzard Entertainment Explains Overwatch 2 Battle Pass System

Blizzard Entertainment Explains Overwatch 2 Battle Pass System

Overwatch was one of the world’s biggest hero shooters. Blizzard Entertainment confirmed that its successor, Overwatch 2, will be launching on October 4th, 2022 on all platforms. The game will be free to play and have cross-play and cross-progression features. Based on this, Blizzard intends to introduce a live service model, with seasons and content dropping every nine weeks. In a blog post, the team explains how the system will work.

overwatch 2 beta fox hero teaser

In each season, the developers will typically introduce a new map or hero, alternating between each season and each battle pass will feature a ton of cosmetics. Furthermore, players will obtain Overwatch coins instead of loot boxes and can purchase a Premium Battle Pass if they wish.

The developers have confirmed that if the Battle Pass includes a new hero for the season, players will be able to unlock the hero through the game’s free track. Players will be able to unlock Kiriko, a new hero if they purchased Overwatch’s Founder’s Pack. In the first Battle Pass, players will be able to unlock Kiriko, charms, epic skins, highlight intro and various other items for free. Players that purchase the game’s Premium Battle Pass will have automatic access to Kiriko as well as various other cosmetics.

In closing, the developers indicated that they would unveil more information in 2023 concerning the game’s PVE aspect and is excited for the game’s launch in early October.

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