The Division 2 Adds Targeted Loot in Update 6

Targeted Loot Will Make Finding Specific Items Easier in The Division 2

Ubisoft’s The Division 2 is overhauling its loot system with new ways to target specific loot such as brand items, weapon type, specific gear slots and mods. New changes to the UI show gamers the specific mission or named zone where they can find the loot they’re looking for. Many zones offer the same loot so The Division 2 will give gamers an idea of which of their favorite zones or missions will likely include the specific loot they’re looking for. PS4 and Xbox One will be getting update 6 in October but the PC PTR server will receive it shortly according to Ubisoft.

The Division 2

The mega map in The Division 2 will now indicate which missions and zones have an increased drop chance and a timer that indicates how long gamers have to target the specific loot rotation. Loot isn’t the only feature receiving a major overhaul in update 6 as crafting is getting several tweaks as well. In the last update, gamers could craft GS 500 items which will now be made easier as the materials will become easier to come by and Agents can now carry more of them. The material sharing perk returns which lets gamers share materials with each other. Scavenging containers will now double the materials they contain in update 6 and crafting overall will become cheaper. Finally, there’s a new complete list of blueprints and where they’re located in-game which works well with the new targeted loot system as it allows gamers to see what they’re missing and where to find it.

Are you curious what we thought of the Division 2? Check out our review here! While we’re excited to see quality of life changes like this to The Division 2, we aren’t sure it attracts new players, though it may bring frustrated former Agents back to the series. What do you think of the changes to loot and crafting in this Ubisoft open world third-person shooter RPG? What changes would you like to see the developers make in the next update? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech